Use your story for good

Show up, stand out, and sell more with
email copy + sales strategy

You started down this path to make change

to share your hard-won smarts with people who stand to live a better life because of your experience and expertise. 

What you’re doing in your business is working… but if you’re being honest, you kinda want more, right?

The fabulous news is… 

… you’ve got stories… I can help you use ‘em.

And when you step up your emails with stories your sales get stronger.

When you tap into the power of what makes you, YOU… you never run out of ways to create a connection.

When you take time to form relationships with your audience through their inbox… you build the trust, credibility, and authority you need to move people to action. 


Here’s how we can work together


Ready to end the staredown you’ve been having with that blank Google doc without the 2-month wait I’ve got for bigger projects? Want more positive email replies and readers who are primed and ready to buy? 

A research-backed, personality-packed, story-infused email sequence is your not-so-secret, stress-free solution. 


For coaches, experts, and educators who want consistent conversions (yep, steady sales!) with a new or existing evergreen program or eCourse. I’ll hook you up with story-infused copy assets that create connection and convert like clockwork. 

Not seeing copy options that tickle your fancy? 

I likely have a solution in my secret story vault.

Here’s why coaches, experts, and educators
hire me, over and over again

Hiring Rebecca was one of the smarter things I’ve done in my biz this year

“In a matter of days, Rebecca delivered a beautifully written welcome sequence that had been on my to-do list for about a year (for realz). Writing about yourself is hard, even for a copywriter, like me. But Rebecca homed in on my voice and tone instantly and crushed the email sequence. Not only that, but she’s a genuinely lovely person and easy to work with.”

Kim Kiel

Sales Copy Strategist

Rebecca is an absolute dream!

Rebecca tells stories that keep people engaged, understands the journey potential clients and customers should be taken on, and cares deeply about retaining the voice of her clients in her writing.”

Molly Galbraith

Co-Founder, Girls Gone Strong


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