Primed For Action

Story-infused email sequences that position your offer as the obvious choice

There’s magic that happens within the intimate walls of your inbox.

It’s where the right words replace magic wands… and your readers become enchanted enough to take action. 

Where you’re invited to hang out—by people who want to know what makes you, you.

But writing copy that connects and primes your audience for purchase is hard. 

Finding stories, framing your message, meeting your audience where they are… 

The right email sequence gently drives your subscribers to open, click, and pop on to your website or sales page.

Wish you could pull the perfect-for-you email sequence out of a hat?

Your wish is my command.

Welcome Sequences

Your most powerful brand ambassador + online storyteller—using story-infused copy to turn subscribers into raving fans

Nurture Sequences

Move your subscribers one step closer to the “JOIN NOW” button with brilliantly crafted emails that boost buy-in

Re-Engagement Sequences

Charming emails that invigorate your audience when it’s been a little too long since you’ve been in touch OR you need to poke the subscribers who’ve hit snooze

Your subscribers signed up to tap into your genius,
let’s not leave them hanging

Primed For Action email sequences include:


The Stories to Sales deep dive questionnaire to understand your brand’s voice, your audience, your marketing goals, and vision for your sequence.


A 60-minute Primed For Action copy kickoff call to uncover your why, your brand personality, and what makes you… you.


Strategic analysis and discovery to review your funnel, check out your competition, understand audience desires, and solidify how you stand out.

A 5-email welcome, nurture, or re-engagement sequence designed to make your subscribers dash off towards your paid offerings or top-of-funnel-offer.


2 subject lines for each email to make split testing effortless.


2 revision rounds to ensure every email is easy-to-read, formatted perfectly and designed to increase opens, click-throughs, and connection.

Hiring Rebecca was one of the smarter things I’ve done in my biz this year

“In a matter of days, Rebecca delivered a beautifully written welcome sequence that had been on my to-do list for about a year (for realz). Writing about yourself is hard, even for a copywriter, like me. But Rebecca homed in on my voice and tone instantly and crushed the email sequence. Not only that, but she’s a genuinely lovely person and easy to work with.”

Kim Kiel

Sales Copy Strategist

It’s a no-brainer to work with her

“Rebecca’s ability to write engaging and compelling email copy that captured my voice and tells stories is where she really shines.”

Dr. Nicole Rankins

OB/GYN, Course Creator, Podcast Host

Here’s what to expect next if you’re ready for action


Step 1. Click the “I’M READY FOR ACTION” button below and fill out a short form telling me about your business. We’ll hop on a 20-minute call to see if we’re a fit to work together.


Step 2. Yup, I knew it. We’re a match. Paperwork is headed your way. Once I receive full payment you’ll get a link to schedule our Primed For Action copy kickoff call.


Step 3. Over to me to start digging into your voice-of-customer data (testimonials, reviews, and other secret sources) and get a peek at your competition.


Step 4. Write On! Time for me to start making conversion copywriting magic.


Step 5. Over to you, friend. Your email sequence lands in your inbox. You review, I revise (if necessary) — and we hop on a final call to wrap it up.

Prepared for a deluge of loyal customers?

Get your Primed For Action email sequence booked ASAP

Got more questions? I’ve got answers.

Will you upload the sequence into my email service provider?

You want me as far away from your tech as possible—so, nope, let’s leave that to your tech person or VA. BUT, I make it super easy for whoever’s in charge to transfer your new emails into your email service provider. All emails are delivered in a well-organized, clearly labeled, and easy-to-read Google doc. 

How much time will this take? If I book it now, when will I get my email sequence?

As long as you get me your info by the date we decide, you’ll have the link to your Primed For Action email sequence in your inbox within 2 weeks of our kickoff call. 

Can I get a refund?

Conversion copywriting is part science, part creativity, so there are no refunds. However, I’m happy to give you up to 2 revision rounds (as long as there’s no change in project scope) so you’re 100% satisfied. 

If you’ve still got questions or you’re looking for a different type of sequence,
get in touch at


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