You’ve got bold plans to share your brilliance with the world

Truth be told, you’ve kinda already started doing that with some decent results. 

But you’re ready for the next level.

You want it to feel intentional. Like a relaxed coffee conversation, not a bumpy ride on the internet marketing bandwagon.

Enter — your stories. 

Yep. Everything you need for your biggest business breakthroughs is already inside you. We just need to pull it out and share it with your audience through strategic copy that connects.

Lucky for you… that’s kinda my thing.

Hey there. I’m Rebecca.

Seasoned Communicator turned Copywriter, Strategist, and Storyteller—on a mission to help transformative coaches, experts, and online educators make meaningful connections with people who need their innovative solutions most.

The most powerful way to do that? Story-infused email.  

Where all the rules go out the window and you can: 


Tell standout stories that aren’t “spammy”—but create an emotional connection (boosting your credibility, authority, and ability to get buy-in)


Tap into the most fun and profitable way to build your business (because once your emails are up and running it’s virtually free)


Test things fast—from subject lines to the emails themselves (so you can always be improving your results)


Use conversational copy to build and strengthen relationships with your audience (making you top of mind when they are ready for your offer)

Why do you want me all up in your emails?

Along with being a die hard Grey’s Anatomy fan and sneaker fanatic
whose happy place is in the forest trails, I happen to be a…

Communications Strategist

Words matter but so does how we use them and when

Public Relations Pro

Showcasing your strengths so you standout in a crowd

Former TV News Producer

Whipping up broadcast-worthy words in a 30-second commercial break

Reliable Partner

Never feel the need to check-in because you’re always in the know on our project status

Plant-forward Foodie

For the animals. And because I love my veggies (red wine, too) 

Holistic Health Nut

When mind, body, + environment are aligned, we’re all unstoppable

“Got it, Rebecca, but what does life look like for me when we work together?”

Oh, I’m so glad you asked!

Can I interest you in…


More time to spend in your zone of genius (*cough* i.e. not writing copy) 


Sales copy that feels and sounds like you (without you spending agonizing hours writing it)


Less obsessing over competitors’ messaging (👀 I see you subscribing to their lists and creeping their websites)


More opens, clicks, and responses to your value-packed emails


A trusted strategic partner who gets your business and your goals… and is all about results


The chance to finally sit back, relax, and breathe because you’ve filled a massive gap in your business growth plans


The occasional appearance of one or two maniac cats on our Zoom calls (#homeofficelife)

Woohoo, you’re in! Here’s how it all goes down…


Step 1. Click the button below and fill out a short form telling me about your business. We’ll hop on a 20-minute call to see if we’re a fit to work together.


Step 2. Yup, I knew it. We’re a match. Your Welcome Package is headed your way, including contract, deep dive questionnaire, and initial invoice. Once I receive payment you’ll get a link to schedule our Copy Kickoff Call.


Step 3. Over to me to start digging into your voice-of-customer data (testimonials, reviews, and other secret sources) and get a peek at your competition.


Step 4. Write On! Time for me to start making conversion copywriting magic. 


Step 5. Over to you, friend. Your copy lands in your inbox. You review, I revise (if necessary) — and we hop on a final call to wrap it up. Process timelines vary depending on project scope. 


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