The Women’s Guide to Waking Up Feeling Well-Rested

6 Steps to Sleep Better and Transform Your Energy, Focus and Attitude

Get your easy-to-follow guide of simple yet significant shifts you can make today—to start sleeping better tonight.

Have you heard? Sleep is foundational.

You can eat well and exercise, but your mental, emotional, and physical health will only improve if you get enough quality sleep. No matter what goals you set for yourself—it’ll feel harder and take longer to reach them.

You become your healthiest, happiest, and most successful self when you prioritize sleep.

As a woman, prioritizing yourself and your sleep can feel like a far-off dream destination. Maybe you’re not aware of how critical it is (I know I sure wasn’t).

I created this guide to help you understand you’re not alone—and share practical wisdom to transform your energy, focus, and attitude, one night at a time.

Inside this FREE guide, you’ll learn:


The #1 thing influencing your ability to get a good night’s sleep

✔ Why telling yourself to “just try harder” creates more issues with your sleep—and what to do instead

✔ How day-to-day stressors affect your sleep—and a simple exercise to manage your stress more effectively, no matter what comes your way

How to stop yourself from watching “one more episode” or scrolling mindlessly when you know you should be sleeping

✔ The bite-sized change you can add to your morning routine to help yourself fall asleep faster at night

“In just a short conversation, Rebecca pinpointed places where my behavior was not supporting healthy sleep. I left empowered with action steps for each of those points of friction. And though we had a list of action steps, Rebecca helped me figure out priorities and plan implementation in a way that would be realistic for my lifestyle. Just a few days later, I am already noticing a difference.”

Becky Morrison, Happiness Coach, Author

A Note From Rebecca

I spent years frustrated with my mental, emotional, and physical health.

I felt like I tried “everything” but couldn’t change or get the results I wanted. The moodiness, procrastination, low energy, lack of motivation, and weight gain persisted.

It turns out that suppressing my emotions, putting everyone else first, trying every diet known to woman, over-exercising despite a back injury, and drinking more weeknight wine than I’d like to admit—does not make for a healthy lifestyle!

Thankfully, I found the right resources and started understanding the effects of chronic stress. (Oh hey! It was me!)

I then discovered sleep is the top stress management tool and the foundation for long-term health.

Embodying this knowledge and shifting my sleep beliefs had such a profound effect on life I wanted to help others do it too.

To a great night’s sleep!


Rebecca Vigelius, PN1-SSR
Holistic Sleep Coach


The Women’s Guide to Waking Up Feeling Well-Rested


6 Steps to Sleep Better and Transform Your Energy, Focus, and Attitude


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